Protection against bullets, burglary, explosion and radiation

Protection against external threats

Security Solutions

Specialized and certified glazed solutions that protect people and materials.

  • Bullet-proof
  • Burglary-proof
  • Explosion-resistant
  • Radiation-resistant

Our solution can protect against multiple hazards at the same time, and can also be made fire-resistant. We offer custom-made solutions. Based on your wishes and requirements in terms of protections, classifications and aesthetics, we can offer an aluminum, steel or custom-made solution.

bullet-proof windows


Cell door


Radiation-resistant windows



To complement our portfolio, we also offer a wide range of specialized products, which can be incorporated in our security constructions:

  • Vaultdoors and vaultrooms
  • Pass trays
  • Armoured spaces
  • Electronic locks


Our solutions are suitable for locations requiring high-security measures to protect people and assets, such as:

  • Banks
  • Museums
  • Laboratories & hospitals
  • Embassies & consulates
  • Courts & government buildings
  • Data centers
  • Private properties

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