The Antwerp trade fair reopened after 20 years

The former trade fair in Antwerp, the "Handelsbeurs", has been given a facelift. After a 3-year restoration, the doors were opened for the first time in more than 20 years. The building, built in 1531, has been a public meeting place for many years.  The building burned down completely twice (in 1583 and 1858) and was rebuilt each time. The present building, which dates from 1872, is in neo-gothic style and was designed by the architect Jos Schadde. In 1997, the Handelsbeurs lost its function as a stock exchange, which was transferred to the Brussels Stock Exchange. The building has remained empty since then and, for security reasons, it has been closed.

The city decided to renovate the building. The ground floor is now a public passageway and a meeting space where events can be organised, on the upper floor you can find meeting and seminar rooms. Meyvaert helped with this renovation. The client wanted to have compartmentalisation between the stairwells leading to 1st floor. The frameless Lunax door provides a maximum transparancy. This door fits perfectly with the authentic character of the building.

Lunax deur Lunax deur Lunax deur Lunax deur
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