Meyvaert installs a safe door in the safest house in the country

In Keerbergen, near Brussels, the safest house in the country is for sale. The house of 1,250 m² living space is equipped with various high-tech systems. It has 14 bedrooms, five bathrooms, a swimming pool, a panic floor, a demilitarised zone and a bunker with safe.

The bunker contains a secure vault, but also batteries and an emergency generator so that the house cannot fall without power. The vault door weighs almost 1000 kg and was transported and placed on a ground floor by Meyvaert Security.

The house also has 3 escape routes with a 17 metre high lift shaft that can accommodate a hospital bed. In the demilitarized zone, firearms can be placed so that any attacker will automatically be shot. A smoke cannon is also provided so that the attacker does not see you. In addition, the house can withstand a chemical or biological attack. 

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