Compartmentation limits fire damage to swimming pool

February 27th 2019, just before the opening weekend, a fire erupted in the Lago swimming pool in Kortrijk, Belgium. The water slides went up in flames but fortunately the pool area was largely spared.

Damage to the building was limited by the rapid intervention of the fire brigade and by the compartmentation design. At Lago, several Meyvaert Classic doors had been installed to ensure proper fire compartmentation throughout the building. Thanks to our fire resistant doors on the upper floor, the fire that started near the slides did not spread to the swimming pool.

As a result of the smooth cooperation between the parties involved in the project, it only took one week for the sports pool area to be opened to the public. After a month, visitors could also swim in the recreational area. At the moment, the 700-metre long slides are being installed. Repairs will be completed by the autumn holidays.

With 4000 square metres of water fun, a 50-metre sports pool and the longest wild water slide in the Benelux, the Kortrijk swimming pool is an exemplary project by the S&R Group.

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