Acoustic comfort thanks to wooden doors

When designing a new building, acoustics are an indispensable part of the design process. In cultural centres, good acoustics are even primordial for the comfort of the visitor. Acoustics remains a complex matter: in practice, several factors influence the acoustical value achieved in situ, including the space, the building materials used and the decoration of the room.

The acoustic performance of doors contributes enormously to achieving the desired acoustic comfort. Eribel, our sister company, has 30 years of experience in the development, production and installation of technical doors and windows. We like to think along with the construction team to find the right technical solution for a specific situation. With its extensive technical product range, Eribel is able to offer the appropriate doors for every room. We have for example high-performance acoustic doors that are sound-absorbing up to 48 dB. The correct installation of the doors is of course crucial: at Eribel you can rely on the professional and very accurate assembly by our own team.

Eribel succeeds in combining the acoustic properties with other technical performances, including burglar and fire resistant competencies according to the European standard EI1. We can also equip these doors with panic function and access control.

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