Fire resistant doors, windows & walls with steel finish

Meyvaert Steel

Our Meyvaert Steel product range is suited for both interior as exterior applications. Meyvaert Steel garantuees maximum insulation, acoustic performance and airtightness.

We offer a wide range of door handles. It's also possible to integrate access control.

fire-resistant steel doors
Swing Door
  • Single and double doors
  • Uniform look
  • Acoustic en thermal insulation
  • EI130 & EI160
Fixed Frame
  • Uniform look
  • Modular
  • EI30EI60 & EI120
Glass-to-Glass System
  • No intermediate profile
  • Maximum transparancy
  • EI30 & EI60
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On demand, our glazed solutions can also be made burglary-, bullet-, explosion- and/or radiation-resistant.

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