Fire resistant doors, windows & walls

Meyvaert Classic

Our very own Meyvaert Classic system differentiates itself through its slim and symmetrical design and invisible hinges. You can choose between different finishes: coated aluminium, steel or inox.

Our unique portfolio of single and double swing door, automated sliding doors, fixed windows and skylight systems has all the necessary certificates. The fireproof solutions from the Meyvaert Classic range can be applied everywhere, even in highly corrosive environments, such as public pools. 

fireproof doors
fireproof doors
Single & Double Door
  • Swing of one-way
  • Maximum glazed
  • Invisible hinges
  • Anodised or stainless steel finish 
  • EI130 & EI160

Single Door EI130/60
Double Door EI130/60


fireproof doors
Sliding Door
  • High quality sliding system
  • EI130 & EI160

Single Sliding Door EI130/60
Double Sliding Door EI130/60


fire-resistant doors
Fixed Frames
  • Large size
  • Modular
  • EI30, EI60EI90 & EI120

Fixed Frame EI30/60
Fixed Frame EI90/120


fire-resistant doors
Glass to Glass System
  • Large size
  • No intermediate profile
  • Maximum transparancy
  • EI30, EI60EI90 & EI120

Glass to Glass EI30/60
Glass to Glass EI90/120


fire-resistant doors
Floor & Ceiling System
  • Walkable or not
  • EI30 & EI60

Non-walkable Skylight EI30/60
Walkable Skylight EI30/60


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On demand, our glazed solutions can also be made burglary-, bullet-, explosion- and/or radiation-resistant.

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