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We are experts in glazed fireproof constructions and compartments. Our team is able to produce and install the most creative and complex architectural designs. We deliver transparent fireproof construction that meet the requirements in terms of fire-resistance and still allow for maximum natural daylight to penetrate the building. The testing and development of our solutions is done in-house by our internal experts.

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Depending on your needs in terms of fire-resistance, aesthetics and budget, we can propose a suitable solution. On request, our fireproof solutions can be made burglary-, bullet-, explosion-, and/or radiation-proof.

fire-resistant door
Meyvaert Classic Meyvaert Alu Meyvaert Steel Meyvaert Lunax
Swing Doors EI1 30 EI1 60 EI1 30 EI1 60 EI1 30 EI1 60 EI1 30 EI1 60
Sliding doors EI1 30 EI1 60
Fixed Frames EI 30 EI 60 EI 90 EI 120 EI 30 EI 60 EI 120 EI 30 EI 60 EI 90 EI 120 EI 30 EI 60
Glass-to-Glass EI 30 EI 60 EI 90 EI 120 EI 30 EI 60 EI 30 EI 60 EI 30 EI 60
Skylights EI 30 EI 60

Meyvaert Classic

Our very own Meyvaert Classic system differentiates itself through its slim and symmetrical design and invisible hinges. You can choose between different finishes: coated aluminium, steel or stainless steel.

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Meyvaert Alu

For our range of aluminium profile systems, we have carefully made a selection of available systems on the market, prioritizing quality. We are supplier-independent and are proud to say that we can offer the widest range of systems on the market.

Discover our Meyvaert Alu solutions.

Meyvaert Steel

As an independent partner, we can also offer a range of steel solutions. Based on your requirements, we can propose the desired solutions or offer an even better alternative.

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Meyvaert Lunax

By adding Lunax systems to our portfolio, we can now offer the highest level in terms of aesthetics. Fireproof doors, made entirely out of glass, with no profile! These doors can be combined with our Meyvaert Classic system.

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Customized fireproof solutions

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